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Using ID Scanning to Create Database Records with Standard

Using ID Scanning to Create Database Records with Standard

Using ID Scanning to Create Database Records with Standard

In certain instances, entering data into the database manually can take too much time. Using the Scanshell ID Scanning compatibility, our software can help you build your database quickly and easily.

Using ID Scanning to Create Database Records

To enable ID scanning, you first must have a compatible Scanshell ID scanner. Currently AlphaCard Visitor Pass supports the 1000B model only. Second, the ID you are scanning must be a government issued ID, preferably a state driver license.

  1. Go to the Home tab, and select the New Visitor button.
  2. Select the option to Scan Document. This will connect to your ScanShell document reader and fill in all the information that the card contains into a new record.Note: If the information is not in the correct spot, please make sure that the ID is in good condition and undamaged. If the information is still importing incorrectly, please contact AlphaCard Technical Support, as there could be a beta SDK that could work better for your particular ID.
  3. Once you are satisfied with your ID scan, click Save and your record should appear in the database.

You can now either print an ID card based on the information captured from the ID scan or you can search the database using their government issued ID.

To search using their government ID information, go to the Data tab in the software and then click on Scan search. The Scanshell will scan the ID, and then pull up the appropriate record.
Searching for your records this way can take a little bit more time than a traditional barcode, but if you don’t have the time to print a badge, or would prefer to utilize the government issued ID, the system will function completely normally like this.

If you continue to experience problems, or have questions about your AlphaCard Visitor Pass software, please contact AlphaCard technical support.

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