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How to Use 3rd Party Visitor Screening with Secure

How to Use 3rd Party Visitor Screening with Secure

How to Use 3rd Party Visitor Screening with Secure

Depending on the security required by your facility, internal security may not be enough. AlphaCard Visitor Pass offers integration for three 3rd party visitor screening programs to assist with these increased security demands.

How to Use 3rd Party Visitor Screening

Before enabling 3rd party visitor screening on your system, please make sure you have an account with one of our supported 3rd party platforms and the account is in good standing. If you have not done so, please consult our article on Setting up 3rd party screening.

Please note: Any and all 3rd party services and their charges are not associated with AlphaCard Visitor Pass in any way. Any charges incurred by using these services, or any downtime of these services, is solely at the discretion of the 3rd party company. Any issues you have with these 3rd party companies cannot be resolved by AlphaCard, and AlphaCard cannot troubleshoot any failure by these 3rd party services.

  1. To set when the screening happens, and how long a valid screening lasts, go to the Configuration tab within the software.
  2. Click on the Advanced Options button.
  3. Click on the Screening tab on the left hand side.

In this section you can set the following screening options:

  • On check in
  • On adding the invitee to an event
  • When entering the visitor into the database

You can also set how long a passed screening stays good for – by default this is set to 30 days, but you can set any number of days that you want.

Once you are done, click OK. You will now be screening your visitors per your settings.

If you continue to experience problems, or have questions about your AlphaCard Visitor Pass software, please contact AlphaCard technical support.

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