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Troubleshooting Photos not Importing in Entry

Troubleshooting Photos not Importing in Entry

Troubleshooting Photos not Importing in Entry

When importing photos into your database in AlphaCard Visitor Pass, there are a few common issues that prevent images from importing correctly.

Fixing Photo Import Issues

By far the most common image error message is that your computer is out of memory. If this error occurs, make sure that you only have one copy of AlphaCard Visitor Pass open. If you have more than one copy open, close all instances of the AlphaCard Visitor Pass program, and then open up a new instance.

If you only have one instance open, check the size of the photograph. Due to the physical size of printed badges, AlphaCard Visitor Pass has to compress and size down any images that are physically larger than a standard CR80 sized card. This process can be incredibly taxing on the physical resources of your system, depending on the amount of compression that needs to happen.

Windows also has an internal limit of images only up to 4MB can be imported for system stability reasons. Since these images are far larger than those required by AlphaCard Visitor Pass, you will have to size the image down before proceeding.

The next most common issue is that No Imaging component exists to complete the process. This error is caused almost exclusively by Windows updates updating Direct Show drivers that AlphaCard Visitor Pass uses to load in images. Restart your computer, and complete any pending updates.

Lastly, the error might say something about either no endpoint listening at an IP address, or Photo AlphaCard is in use by another application at an IP address. In both of these cases, close out of the program and any copies. Relaunch the software. If the error persists, restart your computer.

If you continue to experience problems, or have questions about your AlphaCard Visitor Pass software, please contact AlphaCard technical support.

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