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Software Activation Guide

Software Activation Guide

Please note: This activation and registration process does not apply to Business Server or Secure USB Key editions, it only applies to single-license versions of AlphaCard ID Suite Basic, Light, Standard, Professional, and Elite. Go to the Business Server Activation or Secure USB Key Activation pages to activate your software.

To use your new AlphaCard ID Suite software, you will have to activate the software. To activate AlphaCard ID Suite you need your Serial Number and Activation Code.Screen One

The serial number is a five (5) or six (6) digit number and looks like 12345 or 123456. The activation code is a 34 digit number and looks like 017DF-116DA-1ABA4-DDF80-CF05F-32D99-371F.

Activating Your Software

Activating your license is easy, just start your newly installed AlphaCard ID Suite software or Trial Edition.

First, select the Activate AlphaCard ID Suite option and click Next.

Enter your serial number and activation code.

The Machine ID is unique for each computer that AlphaCard ID Suite is installed on, and is used for activating the license and identify your computer by our licensing system. The Machine ID is generated based on your internal computer hardware. If you are unable to active the software because your computer does not have an internet connection, your license can be activated directly through our website but you will need the Machine ID.

After you enter your license information, click on Activate to start the Activation process.

While activating your software, you can also register your license. Registering your license gives you access to our Help Forum and keeps you updated about new releases and updates.

On the registration page you can enter your contact information, select the printer brand you are using, the type of company, select your preferred language, and create an alias for the Forum.Screen two

IMPORTANT! Your provided information will never be commercially sold and will only be used by AlphaCard to provide you with important information about your software and hardware.

When you are done providing your contact information and creating an alias, click Next.

On this page of the registration process, you may elect to try other editions of AlphaCard ID Suite software in a free 10-day trial. All uses of the trail software will be clearly indicated as TRIAL. At any point during your 30-day trial you have the option to upgrade to a different version of AlphaCard ID Suite software. Please contact our sales department for help at (800) 717-8080 or by email at Three

Click Next to proceed to the final page of the registration process.Screen four

During the registration process, your AlphaCard ID Suite license was activated. Click on Finish to confirm the activation and registration and start using AlphaCard ID Suite.

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