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How to Set Up a Secure User Environment in Secure

How to Set Up a Secure User Environment in Secure

How to Set Up a Secure User Environment in Secure

When setting up a secure facility, sometimes making sure that the users are limited in what they can see and do within AlphaCard Visitor Pass is just as important as making sure that the person checking in is the correct person.

How to setup a Secure User Environment

If you are storing confidential or otherwise sensitive information in your database, we strongly recommend setting up user accounts so that anyone who wants to access the software has to enter in a user name and password.

Please use our guide on how to set up user accounts.

The user setup process can be customized to your needs. A user’s access can be anywhere from full administrative access of every part of the software or just a check in button.

While setting up the user accounts, we recommend you be as careful and as methodical as possible. We understand that the interface can be a little daunting the first, but after a while it should start making more sense.

  1. The organization is laid out first by the tabs at the bottom of the screen: Visitors, Employees, Contractors, Events, and Reports.
  2. Next, under each one are the tabs at the top of AlphaCard Visitor Pass. To hide an entire tab, simply uncheck the tab.
  3. Under each of these tabs will be each option that it contains. Uncheck anything that the user should not have access to.

We recommendation taking a common sense approach to your own users. If you have confidential information that only the system admin should have access to, then you should hide that information from everyone. On the other hand if you simply have concerns about a user that likes to tinker with software a little bit too much, hiding the advanced portions of the software so they can’t accidentally turn off anything important might be the best idea.

These settings can be changed or eliminated at any time. Simply log in under your administrator account and change the settings.

If you continue to experience problems, or have questions about your AlphaCard Visitor Pass software, please contact AlphaCard technical support.

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