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Setting Up Visitor Records in Entry

Setting Up Visitor Records in Entry

Setting Up Visitor Records in Entry

Perhaps the single most important step in visitor management is figuring out what information you want to collect in the database, and what information you want printed on the card. This article will endeavor to give different ways the program can be set up to meet your specific database needs.

Setting up Visitor Records

In AlphaCard Visitor Pass Entry, the options for customizing the database setup are extremely limited. All of the field names are fixed, and they cannot be moved in the Visitor Details tab.

Due to this, it is more important to figure out which fields can be used and adapted how you want. The database does not care what the information is actually in any specific field. So for example, the database field Representing could be used as a custom search or barcode field because it is early in the UI and one of the searchable fields.

Secondarily, knowing what information you want to display on the badge will help tailor the information that you collect. Generally speaking, you want to display enough information on the badge to identify the record in AlphaCard Visitor Pass.

With Entry, your searchable database fields are limited to:

  • ID number field
  • First name field
  • Last name field
  • Representing field

Using one of these fields as a unique visitor identification field will make it easier to check in visitors because you can find their records faster.

Additionally, even though AlphaCard Visitor Pass Entry does not allow for automatic check-in via a barcode, if you have a barcode scanner, setting the identification field to a barcode can speed up the check in process since you don’t have to key in the information.

Lastly, even if your visitor badges do not display the visitors photo, for security reason we always recommend importing or taking the visitors photo and importing it into the database. That photo will be visible once the record is brought up, as a quick check to make sure the visitor record being checked in is the correct one.

If you continue to experience problems, or have questions about your AlphaCard Visitor Pass software, please contact AlphaCard technical support.

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