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Blank ID Cards

Blank ID Cards

Blank ID Cards

ID cards are the blank canvas for any ID card system. There are a wide variety of ID card types available including basic PVC cards, magnetic stripe cards, key tags, smart cards, proximity cards, and cards with embedded security features.


ID Card Size

The CR80 ID card is the size of a credit card and is considered to be the standard size for most industries. It is the most commonly used ID card dimension and is used in a wide variety of industries for applications such as photo identification, cashless payment, access control, time and attendance tracking, student ID cards, library cards and more.

CR100 cards are larger than the standard CR80 ID cards. These cards are seen much less frequently but are commonly used for military applications and for ID cards at conventions. ID-7 card dimensions are the standard size for passports. All ID card dimensions, large or small, are set and regulated by the International Organization for Standardization, or ISO.

Please note that not all ID card printers will print on non-standard sized ID cards.

How to care for your blank ID cards

Taking care of blank cards is important to ensuring your cards are printed without smudges or fuzzy sections. Protect your cards from sunlight, dust, and fingerprints by storing them in their case, or an air-and-water tight container, and only handle cards by their edges.

Learn more about caring for your cards with this Card Stock Care Guide (PDF).

Blank PVC Cards

Blank PVC cards are plastic cards. These cards are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and thicknesses. Color PVC cards are also available for those card programs looking to add a little more personality to their ID badges.

Specialty PVC Cards

Specialty PVC cards include key tags, signature panel cards, and barcode mask cards. These cards serve to suit the varying security and functionality needs of different businesses and organizations. Key tags are often used in customer loyalty programs to print out small PVC cards that can be easily attached to a key ring. Signature panel cards include a panel for cardholders to add their signature, an additional security feature. A barcode mask is the common combination of numbers that identifies your establishment. Each barcode card you print will begin with the barcode mask that identifies your organization.

Rewritable Cards

Rewritable cards are only compatible with printers that have rewrite technology. These cards have a PVC back and a blank, white front that can be rewritten over and over again. When used with a rewritable printer you can erase and rewrite the information on your ID cards. For businesses and organizations that place a premium on being environmentally friendly, rewritable cards can be a great option for reducing card and maintenance-related waste.

Access Control Cards

Access control cards use special card technology such as magnetic stripe encoding and proximity RFID chips. Proximity cards have an embedded antenna that simply requires you to wave the card in front of a reader to gain access. This type of access control card is contactless, which means that no physical contact with the reader is necessary. These cards will last longer than magnetic stripe cards when used for access control applications.

Visual Security Cards

Visual security cards add security to your ID card program by allowing you to quickly tell at a glance if the card is authentic. Visual security can vary from a watermark that covers a tiny portion of the card or the entire surface of the card, holographic stickers, and reflective patches embedded in the card.

Adhesive-backed Badges

Adhesive-backed temporary visitor badges are common in visitor management programs, because they can be quickly filled out and thrown away when the visitor leaves. Many of these badges include a visible mark that shows up 24 hours after the card has been issued, so you can easily tell if the card has expired and the visitor is no longer allowed in the building. In addition to visitor badges, adhesive-backed cards can also be used with thick technology cards. The thin, adhesive card is printed with your card design, and then applied over a technology card that is too thick or uneven to print on directly.

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