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ID Printer Cleaning Kits

ID Printer Cleaning Kits

ID Printer Cleaning Kits

To keep your printer running in top shape, it is essential that your printer be cleaned regularly. This prevents dust and dirt from smudging your cards and damaging the printhead. If you are experiencing problems with the print quality of your cards, your first step should be to fully clean the printer.


Each printer manufacturer has its own configuration of printer cleaning supplies. There may also be some variations based on the specific model of printer. Most printer cleaning kits include cleaning swabs (sometimes cleaning pens), cleaning cards, and sometimes even lint-free wipes for the other components in the printer.

There are a couple areas of ID card printers that require special attention with use from the printer cleaning kits. On average, the printer should be cleaned every time the ribbon is changed to continue the optimal printing performance. Even though some printers have integrated cleaning kits with the print head, they should still be cleaned in the same manner to really extend the life of a printer. A dirty printer can result in smudged or fuzzy cards, trouble with the sensors inside the printer, and even broken print heads.

Investing in a compressed can of air can help remove dust and debris from the printer and make sure that cards pass through the printer without causing a jam. Removing dust and debris will also make sure that ID cards don’t have any marring or streaks that can be caused from dust on the printing mechanisms.

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How to Clean Your Printer

For help cleaning your ID card printer, view the three demonstration videos below. Don’t see your printer here? Find your printer in the Printer Support Section – there you’ll find cleaning videos and many other support topics!

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