AlphaCard Technical Support

Manual Software Activation

Manual Software Activation

Manual Software Activation

Please note: Manual software activation should only be used when instructed to do so by an AlphaCard technical support representative.

Serial Number: Found on your CD case, or in the electronic download email.
Activation Code: Found on your CD case, or in the electronic download email.
Machine ID: Revealed in the activation window when installing the software on a computer.

Manual Activation Troubleshooting

Cannot Connect to the License Server

When you activate your license via AlphaCard School ID®, the application communicates with the license server via HTTPS over port 443. Because of Firewall restrictions and/or policies within a company, it can be that communication via this port and protocol is blocked. It is also possible that there is no connection with the Internet available on your computer. In both cases you need to activate your license online via the AlphaCard website. If you receive this error please open the activation page on the website and enter the information presented in the AlphaCard School ID Activation Information window, into the corresponding fields of the activation side and click on Activate to activate your license.

Connection Time Out

When the AlphaCard Activation Information window informs you that the activation failed because of a connection time out. it means that it can reach the license server for activation but the response took too long. In most of the cases this can be easily be solved by simply redoing the activation process.

License is Already in Use

When you are informed that the license is already in use, it means that the license you are trying to activate is already activated on a different computer. In this case, you need to request a replacement license with AlphaCard, which will deactivate your existing install or order an extra license.

Access to the Path is Denied

This error is caused because AlphaCard School ID has been installed under the administrator account and the default location of the Database folder has not been changed to a location where all AlphaCard School ID users have full read/write access. Now another user tries to activate the license but the system tries to install the license into the License folder where the user has no access or sufficient rights for. When this error appears, the actual activation has succeeded but the result cannot be stored.

License Activation Failed

After installing or activating a license, it is possible that you get this error message. There are 2 possible causes for this situation:

  1. The license codes where activated for a different computer. When activating a license you always have to make sure that you use the Machine ID of the computer on which AlphaCard School ID is installed and will run.If your license was activated by mistake on the wrong machine ID, please contact AlphaCard to obtain a replacement license.
  2. The license codes are for a different AlphaCard School ID version than the one you have installed. You have to install the correct AlphaCard School ID version or upgrade your license. Please contact Alphacard to ask what version you need. Be aware that major upgrades of AlphaCard School ID are not free. Before you upgrade AlphaCard School ID, ask AlphaCard whether an upgrade license is needed.

The Activation Code is not Valid

You did not type the correct activation code. Please, try to activate again and take care that you do not make any typing mistakes.

Error Code 10001

This error occurs when the communication between AlphaCard ID Suite and the license server was interrupted before the activation completed. Please, try to activate the license again. If the second attempt also fails (you might get the subsequent error “The authorization code has exhausted the activation count”), please, copy the activation info from the error window and send it to

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