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How to Resolve a Flipper Jam in a ZXP Series 7

How to Resolve a Flipper Jam in a ZXP Series 7

How to Resolve a Flipper Jam in a ZXP Series 7

The flipper module is the mechanism that picks up the card when it is first fed during the printing process. It
is also used during the flipping process when a card is being printed on both sides. If your flipper keeps jamming when you try to print, there are several steps you can take to resolve the issue.

How to Resolve Flipper Jams

Users will usually experience the errors when the flipper module fails to grab the card properly, causing not to rotate (Error 7029) and/or jamming the cards (Error 7026). The flexible roller in the flipper module may also come loose during shipment or when clearing card jams.


Resolve a Flipper Jam

Two cards seem to be feeding at the same time– Although the ZXP Series 7 can use different card thicknesses, intermixing different sizes could cause multiple cards to feed. Make sure all cards of same size are stacked together. Card thickness can range from 10-15 mil.

Flexible roller is loose or has fallen – Users can attempt to place the roller back into place to bring the printer to an operational condition. Make sure printer is turned off. Push the roller towards the back side of the printer and then push down. The roller shaft should lock into place.

Flipper module does not seem to be aligned when card is feeding through – Flipper module needs calibration. Printer will need to be serviced.

If you continue to experience problems, please contact AlphaCard technical support.

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