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Updating Firmware on a ZXP Series 7

Updating Firmware on a ZXP Series 7

Updating Firmware on a ZXP Series 7

Keeping your ID card printer’s firmware up to date can help you prevent problems with printing.

To begin updating the firmware on your Zebra ZXP Series 7 ID card printer, you’ll need to download the latest firmware from the Zebra website at and save it to your computer.

How to Update Firmware

  1. Go to your computer’s Devices and Printers folder. Right click on the Zebra ZXP Series 7 USB Card Printer, and choose Printing Preferences. Click on the ZXP Toolbox.ZXP7 Firmware 1
  2. Click on Firmware and Lookup Tables in the lefthand menu.ZXP7 Firmware 2
  3. Click on Browse, and navigate to the firmware file you downloaded from the Zebra website.ZXP7 Firmware 3
  4. The following message will be displayed. Click OK. The firmware upgrade will take several minutes to complete. Cycle the printer power.ZXP7 Firmware 4

If you have problems downloading or updating your firmware, please contact AlphaCard technical support.

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