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Email Troubleshooting in Secure

Email Troubleshooting in Secure

Email Troubleshooting in Secure

The email functionality built into AlphaCard Visitor Pass allows multiple advanced communication applications, however getting it setup and working can be complicated. This guide will walk through some of the more common issues.

Email Troubleshooting

Please Note: AlphaCard’s troubleshooting of email servers is incredibly limited. AlphaCard does not have any email hosting or renting capacity. You must use your own account or servers, and as such, AlphaCard Technical Support is not privy to any specific credentials or firewall settings that might be required. AlphaCard is not responsible for or liable for any inability to setup email communications.

When setting up email server communication, AlphaCard Visitor Pass uses standard SMTP communication protocol. If an email does not send, then it is almost definitely a problem with the information put into AlphaCard Visitor Pass or a block in the firewall.

Most web mail companies publish their SMTP connection information online. You should be able to create an email account that is just used for AlphaCard Visitor Pass alerts if desired.

Alternatively, if your company hosts their own internal email servers, you will need to contact your IT department for this information.

Always double check the information entered into AlphaCard Visitor Pass is correct. All Email Settings can be found by going to the Configuration Tab.

Select Advanced Options.

Go to the email tab. All of the email connection options must be correct for the software to communicate. A single typo will render the entire system nonoperational.

If all the information is correct, the next step would be to check your firewall settings, either in Windows or in your router.

Please Note: Changing any settings without proper instruction can result in an unsecured network, so please consult your IT department before making any changes. All SMTP communication is handled over a single port, please make sure that incoming and outgoing communication is open over that port both via TCP and UDP protocols.

If those settings still are not working, we recommend opening up a test gmail account, and using their default SMTP settings. As long as your firewall does not prohibit communication, the standard SMTP protocol has worked with Visitor Pass.

If you continue to experience problems, or have questions about your AlphaCard Visitor Pass software, please contact AlphaCard technical support.

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