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Setting Up a Check In and Out station in Entry

Setting Up a Check In and Out station in Entry

Setting Up a Check In and Out station in Entry

AlphaCard Visitor Pass Entry is designed to be a simple check in and out station for a facility with a single point of entry. This article is centered around some of the best practices for setting up and using AlphaCard Visitor Pass to its best capabilities.

Setting Up a Check In and Out Station

Setting up the system includes around a few important steps:

  • Configuring the Database
  • Unique Identifier for every Visitor
  • Easy to Identify Badges
  • If High Volume check in: barcode or other quick lookup

All of these start with setting up AlphaCard Visitor Pass to your specifications. Once AlphaCard Visitor Pass is setup correctly, it becomes much easier to use the software.

To begin, we recommend starting with setting up visitor records. This article covers how best to set up a database and how to make sure that the information is stored in a way that makes quick check ins easier.

Next, we strongly recommend using a short unique identifier for each record in your database. A short 5 digit PIN on the card can quickly be keyed in, as opposed to last name or other personal information. In AlphaCard Visitor Pass Entry, it is highly suggested to put this number in the Representing column in the database, since that column is one of the 4 that can be set up for quick filtering, and it is not generally needed for smaller organizations.

Next, simple and easy to read visitor badges can help with being able to find the information without having to physically take the ID from the visitor. Generally speaking, if all the visitor badge is going to be used for is checking in and out for a limited amount of time, we recommend keeping the information as simple as possible. Usually visitor name, a visitor unique identification number, a photo, and company logo are more than enough information.

Lastly, while AlphaCard Visitor Pass Entry does not allow for automatic barcode scanning, if you are dealing with a large influx of visitors checking in on a regular basis it can be helpful to setup a barcode on the card and scan the number into the search field in AlphaCard Visitor Pass.

The visitor will have to be manually checked in, and the number erased, but it does save time compared to manually keying in the ID value, especially if your ID value is longer than a few digits.

With these four systems implemented, checking visitors in and out should be much more streamlined.

If you continue to experience problems, or have questions about your AlphaCard Visitor Pass software, please contact AlphaCard technical support.

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