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How to Take a Visitor's Photo in Standard

How to Take a Visitor's Photo in Standard

How to Take a Visitor’s Photo in Standard

Quite often, upon entering a visitors information, you will want to take their photo to ensure that the correct person is checking in for all future events. AlphaCard Visitor Pass allows direct connection with most Direct Show compatible web cameras.

How to Take a Visitor’s Photo

AlphaCard Visitor Pass has several locations that allow you to take a photo. Each of these is functionally identical, so it is up to you which one you want to use.

  1. The first place is during creation of a new visitor, simply click the Take Photo button on the Photo data box.
  2. If the visitor is already in the database, select their record in the Visitors tab.
  3. Then either select the Take Photo button in the Photos tab, or in the Actions ribbon.
  4. Once you are successful, the visitors photo will show up in the details tab and, if desired, on the badge as well.

If you continue to experience problems, or have questions about your AlphaCard Visitor Pass software, please contact AlphaCard technical support.

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