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How to Check Visitors In and Out with Secure

How to Check Visitors In and Out with Secure

How to Check Visitors In and Out with Secure

AlphaCard Visitor Pass at its core revolves around the ability to check visitors in and out of your building. This page will go over the instructions on how to easily do this.

Checking Visitors In and Out

The most basic way to process a visitor is to manually lookup their information in the system.

  1. To do so, type the information you want to search the database for into the Filter field.
  2. Select a visitor in the Visitor List.
  3. Click the Check In Button, either in the Home Tab, or in the Action Pane.
  4. The Check In will automatically display any special requirements the specific visitor might have.
  5. Visitor Pass will then display the checked in visitor for easy identification.
  6. You can select multiple visitors by holding down the shift key and choosing the records. Once the records are selected, you can check the visitor in or out.

Alternatively, if you do not want to have to manually check in every visitor, AlphaCard Visitor Pass offers other powerful tools for automatically checking in visitors, depending on your available peripherals.

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