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Printer Shipping Instructions

Printer Shipping Instructions

Printer Shipping Instructions

If you need to ship your printer back to AlphaCard Technical Support, is is extremely important that you pack the printer correctly to avoid damage to the printer in transit.

RMA Printer Shipping Instructions

Please read and follow these instructions carefully. Failure to do so may invalidate warranties, cause damage to the printers during transit, and/or result in the shipment being refused upon receipt.

Reference the RMA Number on the Outside of the Box

Fill in the ATTN line of the shipping address with the RMA number, or write it largely and clearly on the outside of the box.

Ship the Printer in the Original Box/Foam Set

If the original box and packing materials are unavailable, ship the printer in a box 3″ to 4″ larger than the printer. It should be packed well enough to make sure the printer does not move around inside the box.

Please do not use packing peanuts; if there is no alternative, place the printer in a bag to prevent peanuts from getting inside it.

Do NOT Send any Supplies with the Printer Unless Specifically Requested

We do not normally require ribbon, transfer film, cardstock, etc. to conduct repairs.

If the printer has a “brick” power supply, please do include it.

If the printer has a key or access card, make sure the printer is unlocked and do not include it with the printer.

Please do not send card weights under any circumstances.

If Requested to Send Supplies, DO NOT Ship Them Inside the Printer

Supplies shipped inside the printer can cause severe damage to the internal parts of the printer. Please double check that there are no supplies inside the printer before packing.

Call (866) 945-6810 with Questions

If you are uncertain in any regard about how to ship a printer, please call us with your questions before shipping the printer.


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