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Software Transfer Instructions v10

Software Transfer Instructions v10

Software Transfer Instructions v10

It may sometimes be necessary to transfer your AlphaCard ID Suite software to another computer.

How to Transfer ID Suite to a different PC

Before transferring the software to a new computer, please confirm you are using the latest software available from:

 Please update both the original computer, and the new computer before moving onto the rest of these instructions.

To transfer ID Suite to a new computer, first, on the original PC, browse to your (C:) Drive > Users > Public > Public Documents > Alpha Card and make a copy of the “Data” folder in that directory.

On the new computer, install, but do not activate AlphaCard ID Suite. With ID Suite closed:

Once it is installed, browse to the same location as above. Rename the existing Data folder to: Data_Fresh.

Then copy the data folder from the old computer to this location. Then open AlphaCard ID Suite, making sure to select the correct version when choosing the license to demo.

Everything should appear when you open the software.

IF you were using a custom External Database, you may receive an error about the software being unable to find it. If you do, copy it from the old computer to the new computer into the same spot that the error mentions.

Once everything is present, activate your AlphaCard ID Suite, this will deactivate your previous computer. Do not do this step until all the information has been moved over, and everything is present in the software install.

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