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Creating Drop Down Lists in Secure

Creating Drop Down Lists in Secure

Creating Drop Down Lists in Secure

For specific database fields in AlphaCard Visitor Pass you can create a drop down list populated with the values that you need instead of typing the same data over and over.

Creating Custom Drop Down Lists

To begin creating custom drop down lists, you first have to define what values you want in the drop down fields that are connected to your database.

  1. To begin, go to the Configuration Tab.
  2. Click on Edit Drop-Down values.
  3. To add a new drop down list object, click on the New button.
  4. On this list, you will have to fill out the following information: Storage Value and Display Value. These options control the information in the drop down list. For example, if you wanted to control for badge color you would put the colors into these options. Please Note: These options must match exactly.
  5. Next, the Filter Value is the list that these object belong to. In the above example, Filter Value could be Badge Color. Please Note: For the list to work, all Filter Values must match exactly between all objects that you want in the same list. For example, Badge Color and Badge Type would form two different drop down lists.
  6. Once you are done configuring all of your drop down list content, close out of the window.
  7. Then go back to the Configuration tab.
  8. Click on Column Attributes.
  9. On the left hand side, select the field you want to use as a drop down field.
  10. You want to make sure that the field is going to be visible in the database. Click the Detail Visible Box and, if needed, fill in the Detail Label of the software to the name that you want.
  11. Then change the detail editor field to Drop-Down List.
  12. Set the drop-down table name to efDropDownValue
  13. Set the drop-down storage value to StorageValue
  14. Set the drop-down display value to DisplayValue
  15. Set the drop-down sort column to DisplayValue
  16. Check the box for Drop-down filter.
  17. Set the Drop-down filter column to FilterValue.
  18. Type in the Filter Value for the Drop Down list you want to tie to the specific field. In the above example, you would put Badge Color here.
  19. Once you are done click Save.
  20. Now when you create or edit a visitor’s information, the field will be a drop down.

You can recreate this as many times as you need, and turn any number of the text fields in the database to a drop down field.

If you continue to experience problems, or have questions about your AlphaCard Visitor Pass software, please contact AlphaCard technical support.

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