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Saving Print Date into a Database

Saving Print Date into a Database

Saving Print Date into a Database

Some organizations want to store the print date in a database. This guide will show you how to store the print date using AlphaCard ID Suite v11 software.

Saving Print Date

To set a database column to hold a print date automatically upon printing, there are a few steps you need to follow.

      1. First, go to the configuration tab of the software.
      2. Click on the Database setup button.
      3. Click Next until you are on the last screen, which should be Storage Objects.
      4. You will want to name the object print date, point it towards the table you are using, and select the primary key of the database you are using, and then the column you want the information stored in.
      5. Once the information is set, click finish.
      6. Back on the Configuration Screen, click on advanced options, and check the box that says show advanced mappings.
      7. Then click on the button labeled Mappings Window.
      8. For the storage Item Print Date, select the Print Date from the drop down field at the top.
      9. Then select Display System Date. And then select the date format.
      10. Once this is done, click finish.

When you print, the computer will now take its system time and write it into the database.

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