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Updating Firmware on an SD260

Updating Firmware on an SD260

Updating Firmware on an SD260

Keeping your ID card printer’s firmware up to date can help you prevent problems with printing.

To begin updating the firmware on your Datacard SD260 ID card printer, you’ll need to download the latest firmware and drivers from the Datacard website.

How to Update Firmware

  1. Go to your Devices and Printers folder, right click on the XPS Card Printer and choose Printer Properties.SD160 Firmware 1
  2. Select the Printer Status tab, and click Configure Printer.SD160 Firmware 2
  3. This will open the web interface. Choose WebAdmin from the Username drop down menu, and click Log In.SD160 Firmware 3
  4. Select the Maintenance tab, and choose Updates.SD160 Firmware 4
  5. Click Browse and navigate to the firmware file you downloaded. Click Upload File.SD160 Firmware 5

Your firmware should now be updated to the most current version. If you have problems downloading or updating your firmware, please contact AlphaCard technical support.

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