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How to Mass Import Images in Secure

How to Mass Import Images in Secure

How to Mass Import Images in Secure

Although most AlphaCard Visitor Pass will import a visitor’s photo for each visitor as they sign in, for larger events or conferences it can be incredibly unwieldy to import handle each record individually. To help speed up this process AlphaCard Visitor Pass allows you to mass import any image type.

How to Mass Import Database Images

  1. Go to the Data tab.
  2. Select the option to Import Images.
  3. Select the folder that contains all of the images that you want to import.
  4. Select the database column that contains the name of the file. This name has to match exactly; any differences between the database column data and the name of the file will result in the image not being imported.
  5. Select the image type you want to import. All database image types can be selected for import.
  6. Once all the information is correct, click the Import button.

Once the command has been processed, AlphaCard Visitor Pass will let you know how many images were imported, and any errors that may have occured.

If there is an error, or if no images were imported, please make sure that the name of the image completely matches the database column selected. Also please make sure that the images that you are importing are in image files. AlphaCard Visitor Pass is unable to import other types of documents including but not limited to Word, Adobe Acrobat, or Powerpoint files, even if these files only contain an image.

If you continue to experience problems, or have questions about your AlphaCard Visitor Pass software, please contact AlphaCard technical support.

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