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Software Transfer Instructions

Software Transfer Instructions

Software Transfer Instructions

It may sometimes be necessary to transfer your AlphaCard ID Suite to another computer.

How to Transfer ID Suite to a different PC

To transfer the license for the application to a new station you should be able to do so by just re-installing the application again and re-entering your original serial number and activation code. When you do, it should give you the option to deactivate the previous PC and move the license over to the current station.

If you wish to back up any of your designs or data, you will want to be sure to do so before you transfer the license. To back up your designs on your existing PC, open the application and go to Configuration > Export Template to save your selected design to file. You can move that to the new computer and after you’ve transferred the license, go to Configuration > Import Template to bring it back in.

If you were using the sample internal database which installs along with the software to store your record data, then that file would be located in My Computer > (C:) Drive > Users > Public > Public Documents > Alpha Card > Data and is the “Internal Database” file in that folder. Just copy it, move it to the new PC and drop it in the same location, replacing the file of the same name once you’ve re-installed.

If you had imported a database file of your own, that would just be located wherever the user had decided to store it, and would need to be re-imported through the Database Setup wizard again at the new PC as it was originally.

If you need to download a copy of the application you can get it from the free trial download on our website here:

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