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Time and Attendance Cards

Time and Attendance Cards

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What are Time and Attendance Cards?

Today’s ID card programs are capable of incredible functionality, including the ability to track time and attendance. Integrating your ID card program with a time and attendance system simplifies the process of tracking employees, visitors, and even students.

Since these programs are managed electronically, countless hours are saved because there’s no need to track everything with paperwork. Your files can be stored and organized in a database where they’re easily accessible. Please note that you’ll need additional time & attendance software in order to take advantage of this particular functionality.

Time and attendance cards are key to effectively recording when an employee or contractor clocks in and out so no mistakes are made. They’re a feasible solution for keeping track of lunch breaks as well; the worker will clock out during his or her lunch and clock back in with the card when they return from their break. Ultimately, time & attendance ID card programs ensure that all employees or contactors are paid for the exact amount of time they’re on the floor. It’s an efficient business practice that should be considered by virtually any organization, big and small.

While some time & attendance ID card programs are more sophisticated and secure than others, each method involves special readers that are able to gather information when a card is swiped or waived before them. That information is then collected and automatically inputted into the time and attendance system. The system can record an employee’s weekly work hours based on when their card is swiped each day, for instance

Are Time and Attendance Cards the Right fit for my Organization?

Time and attendance systems are popular in office and work environments, schools, and also in facilities with electronic visitor management systems.

A number of ID card technologies can be used to track time and attendance, making them the right fit for a wide array of work settings and industries — from manufacturing facilities and hospitals to schools and small offices. Depending on the type of card program, and the functionality your cards require, you can choose to use barcodes, magnetic stripes, smart chips, or proximity technology.

Ready to Learn More About Time and Attendance Cards?

AlphaCard is well versed in developing unique ID card systems for businesses and organizations across all industries. If you’re ready to learn more about time and attendance ID card programs, please call us today for a free consultation.