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Ski Resort ID Cards & Badges

Ski Resort ID Cards & Badges

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ID Badges & Passes for Ski Resorts

Issuing colorful, high-quality ski passes is a great way to reward regular skiers and riders, while also helping to speed up lift lines. While most ski resorts sell paper lift tickets that can get you to the top of the mountain, season pass holders and frequent riders deserve something a bit more professional. That’s why most resorts now offer high-quality photo ID cards to those who hit the slopes on a regular basis. AlphaCard provides ski and snowboard resorts with professional ID card systems.

We’ve Worked With

  • Ski Resorts
  • Snowboard Resorts
  • Ski Stations
  • Ski / Snowboard Coaches
  • Resort Employees

How do Ski Resorts use ID Card Programs?

Staff Photo IDProper identification in any business, including ski resorts, is a key component of maintaining secure operations, particularly staff photo badges. ID cards can be worn by ski resort staff, managers, ski & snowboard instructors, and maintenance/snow crew at all times as well as by temp workers. ID cards should be highly visible to ski resort managers and safety personnel as well as the patrons using and staying at the ski resort.
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Multifunctional & Smart CardsSki resort ID cards much greater purpose than simple photo identification. Many ski and snowboarding resorts are utilizing data storage technologies (e.g. barcodes & magnetic stripe cards) to monitor important data such as customer skiing habits and trends. The possibilities are endless when it comes to data storage. Data storage cards are often used as access cards for ski resort employees entering a building.
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Access ControlSome ski resorts and lodges employ access control cards to limit entry to certain areas of the lodge and ski lift. This extra layer of security helps deter unauthorized individuals from attempting to gain access to certain areas of the resort where they are not authorized to be. Additionally, access control card is a sure-fire way to prevent unauthorized persons from gaining entry to restricted areas and compromising security.
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Promotional CardsPVC cards can be used as promotional cards, providing the ski or snowboard customer with a certain discount on rental skis, snow boots, or lift tickets. Promotional cards are an effective strategy for marketing and are often given to help increase business during slower times. Ski resorts & lodges are excellent candidates for promotional cards, which can be produced from the same plastic material that ID cards are made from.
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Time and AttendanceFor time management of ski instructors and seasonal staff, AlphaCard’s team of experts recommends time and attendance ID cards. These kinds of cards keep track of when the person clocks in and clocks out for accurate weekly hour reports. Time and attendance cards often use magnetic stripes or barcodes that are scanned by a reader and integrated with third-party tracking software.
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Business CardsLet’s face it — many of today’s business cards are flimsy and easily tear, especially when crammed inside a wallet. For almost all ski workers, particularly instructors and managers, it’s necessary to have a high-quality business card to hand out at networking events, to friends & family members, and to acquaintances. PVC business cards are sturdy, meant to last, and are the perfect solution for a long-lasting business card.
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Learn More About Ski Resort ID Card Badge Systems

High-quality ski and snowboard passes last longer than paper lift tickets because they’re printed on durable PVC plastic. PVC cards can endure the rigors of a long season on the slopes, which is important since many ski resorts require the passes to be out and on display at all times.

Another benefit of well-designed season ski passes is they prevent cardholders from sharing their passes with others. If the ski pass features a clear full-color photo of the cardholder, it will be easy to spot when an imposter attempts to use someone else’s pass for the day.

Good-looking photo ID cards for snowboarders and skiers also help to enhance customer loyalty. Ski resorts can actually use season passes as a way to extend their branding. If the cards are seen around town, and the design is memorable, new riders will be drawn to the mountain.

AlphaCard carries complete ID systems designed to meet the needs of ski resort ID programs. We can also create a custom system tailored to your specific requirements. Learn more by calling our system experts at (800) 717-8080.

AlphaCard Photo ID Systems enable ski and snowboard resorts to:

  • Issue professional-looking ID cards to season pass holders and frequent riders
  • Print season passes on-site in just seconds
  • Create top-quality employee ID cards for resort staffers
  • Issue durable ID badges to ski patrol members and medical personnel
  • Create different card designs to distinguish ski staff departments
  • Use encoding to integrate employee IDs with access control and time & attendance
  • Produce unique card layouts for each season pass category
  • Integrate ski passes with card-scanning systems to make lift lines move faster
  • Prevent illegal duplication with visual security elements and card security features