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Standard blank cardstock is made from plain white PVC, but if you are looking to add security to your ID cards, there are more than just standard cards to choose from. Using embedded technology or holographic images, these features can better protect your cards from tampering.

Embedded features are hard to duplicate with standard cardstock, further protecting you from counterfeit cards.
Visual security options for ID cards include:

  • Embedded holographic designs, images & text
  • Embedded foil patch or film
  • Foil patches with holographic images

When embedding these features into the card, there are two ways this is done: embedding a design or foil onto the surface of the card, or embedding it into the card between layers of PVC. With both types of embedded security cards you print the design like normal and the embedded hologram will appear just like a normal watermark.

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Visually Secure Cards Are Best For:

  • Businesses & Buildings Which Only Allow Authorized Visitors
  • Official Government Programs
  • Limiting Access to Restricted Areas