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ID Card Design Resources

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ID Card Design Resources

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AlphaCard ID Suite card design software makes it easy to design cards, manage cardholder data, and print quality IDs. As an added bonus for our customers, this Card Design Resources section gives you tips on designing cards and has an array of free card templates for use with AlphaCard ID Suite versions Standard, Professional, and Elite.

  • AlphaCard ID Suite Design Help

    We’ve got our best tips for modifying ID card designs with AlphaCard ID Suite - learn how to navigate card templates as you add, remove, or change images, text fields, logos, backgrounds, colors, and more.

  • How to Use .CTP Card Templates

    Need help downloading the .CTP files, or connecting one to your existing database? Follow these steps for downloading and connecting a card template with AlphaCard ID Suite.

  • Sample ID Card Designs

    Do you know what information you want to include on your cards, but need some design inspiration? Take a look at our sample ID card designs for a variety of card types to get some ideas!

  • ID Badge Template Gallery

    Whether you are looking for photo ID cards for your employees, volunteer cards for a non-profit, or student and staff badges for a school, you’ll find many free ID card templates in the ID Card Template Gallery.

    • ID Templates for Schools & Universities

      With the rise of safety concerns on school campuses, the use of student, staff, and teacher ID cards make it easy to identify and authorize anyone on school grounds. These cards can also be used to check materials out from the library, pay for food, and gain access to school events. Below you will find [...]

    • Healthcare ID Templates

      Healthcare workers can range from doctors and surgeons at a hospital to nurses and aids at assisted living facilities. Photo ID cards make it easy for patients and visitors to quickly identify employees when they have questions or need assistance. Below you will find a range of healthcare card templates for doctors, nurses and other [...]

    • State and Government ID Cards

      Government agencies often handle sensitive information, making security a top concern. Government-issued ID cards help ensure that only authorized employees and contractors have access to government buildings or locked rooms and allow the public to quickly identify officials. Below you will find a range of government and state ID card templates which you can download [...]

    • Emergency Responders

      When responding to emergencies or interacting with the public, it is important of police officers, fire fighters, emergency medical help, or security personnel to be easily identified. Along with uniforms, ID cards help to identify emergency responders and ensure they have access to secure areas. Below you will find a range of card templates which [...]

    • Businesses & Associations

      Many businesses and associations use ID cards to identify members while out in the field, gain access to events, and enter buildings with multipurpose key cards. These cards can range from simple employee ID cards with a photo and cardholder name to guest registration IDs at industry conventions. Below you will find a range of [...]

    • Membership ID Card Templates

      To keep patrons coming back, many retail stores and local attractions including zoos and museums will issue membership cards. These cards often give members special perks including faster entrance at events, discounts at stores, and coupon codes for online shopping. Below you will find a range of membership card templates which you can download and [...]

    • Clubs & Teams

      From large recreational sports teams to ski resorts and casino club member cards, custom ID cards are a fun way to identify and track membership. These cards can be used to prove membership at events, track event attendance, and store important information. Below you will find a range of card templates which you can download [...]

    • Hospitality ID Templates

      Hospitality employees work with hundreds of customers per day, whether it’s as the front desk staff at a hotel or organizing events at a private resort. When working with the public it’s important to have large ID cards so guests can quickly identify a staff member if they have a question or concern. Below you [...]

    • Nonprofit Organizations

      Whether you’re organizing donations at a food bank or building a new public park in the city, nonprofit organizations work to improve their communities. By creating ID cards for your volunteers and staff members, you can make it easy for people to identify those in charge if they have questions or concerns. Below you will [...]

    • Churches

      Whether you’re organizing donations for a family in need, providing child care during services, or organizing a youth group trip, churches offer many programs to benefit their members. ID cards make it easy for church members to identify the volunteer or staff member in charge of the program. Below you will find a range of [...]

    • All Card Templates

      Below you will find a range of card templates which you can download and customize for use with AlphaCard ID Suite software. You can easily change, remove, or add text fields and images, and change colors, to fit your ID card needs. All designs shown here are single sided, but can be easily customized for [...]

    • Employee ID Card Templates

      Photo ID cards make it easy to identify employees and authorized personnel, whether you work in a small coffee shop or a large advertising agency. In addition to identifying employees, ID cards are often used for cashless payments in parking garages, cafes, and to unlock doors. Below you will find a range of employee card [...]