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This guide walks you through all the important considerations you'll need to know when selecting an ID card printer.

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Visual Security

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Adding visual security elements to your ID cards will make it easier to identify authentic cards and help prevent card tampering or illegal duplication. See the different ways you can add security with your printer, printing options, or blank cards.

  • Printer Options

    If secure cards are a key feature of your ID card program, look for printers with features specifically designed for security including lamination and high definition printing.

  • Ribbon Options

    To print some security features, you may require a specialized printer ribbon. This can include UV and fluorescent ribbons, clear lamination film, or lamination with holograms.

  • Card Options

    Specialized visual security blank cardstock comes with a range of features included in the cards such as foil and metallic patches, holograms, and foil patches with holograms.

  • Why You Can’t Print Fake IDs with an AlphaCard Printer

    Government-issued ID cards have many visual security features built into the cardstock and the card design. Card printer available from AlphaCard cannot replicate these IDs.