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Retail ID Cards & Badges

Retail ID Cards & Badges

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ID Badges for Retail Shops

Now you can build lasting relationships with your customers by offering loyalty cards, promotional cards, and holiday tags as a way to thank them for their business. Showing appreciation will go a long way toward strengthening the relationship between you and your customers. Loyalty and gift card programs increase the chances of return visits from your customers, while also helping you to further promote your brand name. Remember to acknowledge frequent visits and to award points to regular customers with loyalty cards!

We’ve Worked With

  • Clothing Shops
  • Grocery Stores
  • Lowes
  • Sears
  • Malls
  • Department Stores

How do Retailers use ID Card Programs?

Retail Employee Photo IDsProper identification in any company setting is a key component of maintaining secure operations, particularly visual identification. ID cards can be worn by retail staff and managers at all times as well as by temp workers. Typically, ID cards are worn on badge reels or lanyards by retail staff, and should be highly visible to managers and customers.
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Multifunctional & Smart CardsMany retail shops and grocery stores are utilizing data storage technologies (e.g. barcodes & magnetic stripe cards) to monitor important data such as customer shopping habits and trends. The possibilities are endless when it comes to data storage. Data storage cards are often used to determine the type of coupons to issue out to customers; their coupons should match the type of products that they purchase.
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Membership CardsMany retailers offer membership cards to their customers. Members often have access to a wide range of perks such as less expensive prices on store items. Without a membership, most grocery and retail store items cost more, which is what makes memberships so appealing — the customer will immediately want to become a member as soon as he or she finds out that that it will save them money.
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Loyalty ProgramsLoyalty programs are a popular marketing tactic used by retailers — retail clothing stores and grocery shops, alike — as they aim to accrue points every time the customer purchases items such as clothes, accessories, or groceries. Once a certain number of points are attained, customers can receive a surfeit of rewards and discounts like free items, discounted food, buy-one-get-one-free promotions, and much more.
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Access ControlSome retailers count on access control cards to limit entry to certain areas of the store to employees (or managers) only. This extra layer of security helps deter unauthorized individuals from attempting to gain access to sensitive areas such as safes and inventory warehouses. An access control card is a sure-fire way to prevent unauthorized persons such as intruders and customers from gaining entry to restricted areas and compromising security.
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Promotional CardsID cards can be used as promotional cards, providing the customer with a certain discount or free item once they patronize the business. Promotional cards are an effective strategy for marketing and are often given out as a reward for loyalty program points. Retailers are excellent candidates for promotional cards, which can be produced from the same material that ID cards are made from – PVC plastic.
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Keytag CardsKeytag membership or loyalty cards are an easy and convenient way to ensure you have your card on you at all times when at your favorite store. Key tags can easily be affixed to one’s key chain to ensure that every time they shop at a certain store, they can take advantage of their membership or loyalty perks. Most customers prefer the size of key tags over the standard credit-card sized membership cards.
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Time and AttendanceFor time management of retail staff, AlphaCard’s team of experts recommends time and attendance ID cards. These kinds of cards keep track of when the person clocks in and clocks out for accurate weekly hour reports. Time and attendance often use magnetic stripes or barcodes that are scanned by a reader and integrated with tracking software.
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Learn More About Retail ID Card Badge Systems

Offer your customers product discounts and points toward merchandise with PVC cards (ID badges), and record valuable data about their buying preferences at the same time. Team up with area merchants to offer joint promotions. Tailor your sales and marketing efforts directly at your customers’ needs. Build loyalty with customer loyalty cards & promotion cards and watch your business grow!

If you’re looking to launch a customer loyalty program for your retail business or need to set up an ID system for your employees then you’ve come to the right place. AlphaCard offers a full range of affordable and reliable ID card systems that make it easy to print durable, full-color loyalty cards perfect for retailer, large and small. Give us a toll-free call at (800) 717-8080 to get started.

AlphaCard photo ID card systems are ideal for:

  • Customer loyalty cards
  • On-site loyalty program registration
  • Gift card programs
  • Paperless coupons and promotions
  • Instant loyalty account balance reporting
  • Staff photo ID cards
  • Staff access control cards