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Ribbon Options

Ribbon Options

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Ribbons are the tool you use to print your card designs, and when it comes to designing and printing visually secure cards, you have several options. Depending on your design and your ID card printer, you can do everything from clear cardholder photos to UV printing and holographic lamination.

ribbonoptions-ribbons_idprintertechoptionsSecurity – Ribbon Options

Specialty ribbons that move past the standard YMCKO format can help you add security features to your cards. Fluorescent ribbons, for example, allow you to print fluorescent designs, watermarks, and text on a card so you can quickly spot authentic cards. Ultraviolet printing, visible under black lights, also requires a specific type of ribbon but allows you to print security features not visible to the human eye.

Find your printer ribbon options:

Not sure what all the ribbon types are? Learn the common ribbon abbreviations.

ribbonoptions-lamination_idprintertechoptionsSecurity – Lamination Options

Lamination uses a clear film to add an additional layer of protection over your cards, which will increase card security on its own by making the cards harder to alter. But if you want to add another layer of security, try lamination film with built-in holographic images.

These films are applied just like a standard lamination film, but include a holographic watermark design that covers the face of your ID cards. This helps you spot fake cards, or cards that have been tampered with or damaged, and makes it harder to illegally duplicate a card.

Holographic design options will vary by manufacturer. Find your printer’s lamination options:

Magicard HoloKote Images

Additionally, if you have a Magicard printer you can add a holographic-like image to your cards without any special ribbons or films using Magicard’s unique HoloKote technology.

HoloKote works with the standard ribbons you area already using in for your card printer, and utilizes the overlay panel of a YMCKO ribbon, for example, to add the secure image across the card. This feature comes standard in all Magicard printers, and select printers even offer custom HoloKote design options.