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Membership ID Badges

Membership ID Badges

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ID Badges for Associations Requiring Memberships

Issue personalized ID cards to your members to build loyalty and increase membership while further promoting your business or organization. The common theme is that these cards grant special privileges to those who receive them, and help foster loyalty. A membership ID program works to streamline your operations by storing important member information in an easily accessible database.

We’ve Worked With

  • Membership Groups
  • Business Associations
  • School/College Clubs
  • Medical Associations
  • Interest Based Clubs

How do Associations Employ Membership ID Badges?

Membership ID CardsMembership cards offer a myriad of benefits including the ability to identify members and provide them with pertinent information (phone numbers, their ID number, membership level, dates, etc), give them access to member benefits, and allow them entry to member events and activities. They can also be used to track member activity. Membership cards are extremely common in retail environments as well as academic or recreational clubs.
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Promotions and Discount ID CardsMembership cards can offer a wide array of benefits besides being able to attend association or club events. These benefits may include discounts at local stores and supporting organizations, access to special events, and invitations to member-only conferences and events. Moreover, members will often receive a discount for continuing their membership the following year or after it expires.
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Event BadgesAlthough most members have access to a broad range of benefits such as events and other perks when they’re a part of an association, they may also need event badges for special events and conferences. Associations often issue both event badges and membership ID cards to ensure only authorized individuals attend association ceremonies, special occasions, and more.
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Loyalty ProgramsSome memberships are obtained through grocery stores and other retail establishments, not necessarily associations. These membership cards can also serve as a loyalty card and therefore provide loyalty benefits to keep customers coming back. Loyalty programs are often centered on points and the amount spent by the customer. After a certain amount of money is spent, the customer will receive free or discounted items.
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Business CardsLet’s face it — many of today’s business cards are flimsy and easily tear, especially when crammed inside a wallet. For members of prominent associations that are related to a special cause or their career, it’s necessary to have a high-quality business card to hand out at networking events, to friends & family members, and to acquaintances. PVC business cards are sturdy, and are the perfect solution for a long-lasting business card.
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Learn More About Membership Cards

By distributing high-quality photo ID cards to all of your members, it’s easier to control access to your facilities, manage member accounts, and build a strong bond with those who sign up for your services.

Reward your members with full-color membership cards that serve as a symbol of your appreciation for their loyalty. All-in-one ID card systems form AlphaCard provide you with the proper tools to design and print top-quality ID cards sure to impress all those who receive them. Include the cardholder’s name, photo and personalized information on each printed card. Integrate membership cards with a range of applications, from check-in process and rewards programs to managing facility access.

AlphaCard helps organizations of all types build effective membership ID programs. Call us at (800) 717-8080 to find out which ID card solution best meets your specific requirements.

AlphaCard Photo ID Systems are ideal for:

  • Membership and loyalty programs
  • Staff and employee IDs
  • Access control
  • Rapid registration
  • Accurate record keeping and billing
  • Streamlined check-in/checkout process