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How to Display ID Cards

How to Display ID Cards

Buyer's Guide
to ID Card Printers

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When you invest in an ID card system, be sure to think about when and where the badges will be displayed. As ID card experts, we can guide you through the process from start to finish, and help you determine if the cards are best kept in a wallet or displayed openly with a secure attachment. For example, loyalty and promotional cards are not usually employed as a form of identification, so they can be stowed away in a wallet or purse when not in use. Visitor and employee badges which are more often used as a piece of identification should be easily visible from a distance and not hidden from view.

ID badge in a badge holder attached to a lanyard

There are countless ways to wear ID cards depending on what your organization or company prefers. Some ID programs require high visibility for photo identification badges whereas others do not. Below, you’ll find a complete list of display options to help preserve the lifespan of your ID cards and keep them in pristine condition:

Badge Holders

Made from a variety of materials, badge holders enable the cardholder to effectively attach the card directly to a lanyard, a belt, or other article of clothing. The main purpose other than holding the badge in place is to protect it from scuffing, and other wear-and-tear elements, especially those that are more likely to occur in physically demanding jobs such as construction. Badge holders are usually paired with a secondary attachment such as a lanyard or reel.

LanyardsBlack lanyard

Appropriate for just about any environment, lanyards keep ID badges safely fastened around the cardholder’s neck. Lanyards are one of the easiest ways to display an ID card to onlookers and ensure high visibility. They’re extremely common for volunteers, club members, and visitors. Many organizations order custom lanyards to improve branding efforts, and to make employees even easier to identify. Custom lanyards are available in a wide variety of colors, sizes and attachment types, and can be printed with your company’s logo. Order custom lanyards now!

Strap Clipssingle brass strap clip

Clear vinyl strap clips can connect ID badges directly onto clothing, or can be used with other types of attachments such as lanyards and badge reels. Flexible and easy to maneuver, strap clips are virtually unnoticeable to the eye while keeping the ID badge securely fastened.

Badge ReelsBlue badge reel with button strap attachment

Badge reels are typically attached to pockets and belts for fast access. Convenient to use and comfortable to wear, badge reels make ideal attachments for employee badges and volunteer ID badges. They’re affordably priced and made from various types of material to suit your ID card program. If you want to show off your organization or company’s logo, badge reels can be customized to wear at conventions and workshops. Most importantly, badge reels stay out of the way when worn.

Magnetic Attachments2 piece magnetic badge attachment

Magnetic attachments do not create holes or cause damage to fabrics, making them ideal for uniforms and suits. These convenient attachments consist of one steel plate and two round magnets as well as a plate with foam tape to stick onto the backside of your card.

Hole-Punching ID CardsMetal hole puncher with card alignment guide

In order to attach cards to lanyards, reels or strap clips you’ll need a slot punch to create holes at the top of the ID card (unless you are using badge holders). Slot punches are available in both handheld and tabletop styles.