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AlphaCard has years of experience designing custom ID card systems for clients across industries. From small, low-volume printer systems all the way up to multi-location high-volume ID badge systems, we can help your organization find the best ID card system for your needs.

  • Automotive ID Badges

    Auto dealerships employ photo ID badges for staff and management, so customers can put their full trust in them.

  • Casino ID Cards

    Most casinos now offer special cards for gaming called "players cards," which help to attract players, while making gaming more convenient.

  • Church ID Cards

    Church ID card programs work to secure church facilities while also helping to expand church membership and community involvement.

  • College & University ID Cards

    Universities in America utilize ID badges for student ID, faculty ID, cashless payment, access control, and visitor badges.

  • Construction & Contractor ID Cards

    Construction site ID cards help secure construction zones by preventing unauthorized individuals from gaining access to restricted areas, equipment, and construction materials.

  • Emergency Services ID Badges

    Emergency Services ID badges allow the public to quickly identify authorized emergency personnel at the scene of a crisis.

  • Employee Business ID Cards

    Many employers, both big and small, now issue ID cards to their employees as a way to improve security and to identify workers.

  • Fire Department ID Badges

    Fire department cards play a critical role in identifying firefighters and emergency personnel, and allowing access to employee-only areas.

  • Government ID Cards

    Government ID cards demand the highest level of sophistication and security, which is why a proper, well-planned ID card program is so important.

  • Gym & Health Club Cards

    Almost all gyms and health clubs now issue ID card to members as a way to protect facilities keep gym members safe.

  • Healthcare ID Badges

    Healthcare ID badges can serve a number of functions, including identifying doctors and staff, controlling access to facilities and restricted areas, and managing visitors.

  • Hospitality ID Cards

    The hospitality industry relies on ID cards for such uses as staff ID, time & attendance, access control, event badges, and much more.

  • In-Home Services ID Badges

    It’s important for in-home service workers to display valid ID cards when working at a client’s house to avoid confusion as to who they are and what company they work for.

  • K-12 School ID Cards

    High schools, middle schools and even elementary schools have embraced ID card programs as part of a committed effort to improve security.

  • Medical Marijuana Cards, Grower & Seller ID Cards

    Create secure staff ID cards, product information cards, business cards, membership cards and more for your legal marijuana business.

  • Membership ID Badges

    A membership ID program is a great way to establish loyalty, whether for retail customers or members of a health club and sporting group.

  • Military & Army ID Cards

    Military ID badges identify military personnel and help to secure facilities and highly sensitive data. ID is a key component to the military.

  • Nonprofit ID Cards

    Non-profit groups and charitable organizations turn to ID cards as a way to assist in their day-to-day operations.

  • Police Department ID Cards

    It's extremely important that police can properly identify themselves when on duty and during emergency situations.

  • Restaurant ID Cards

    Restaurants and cafes frequently use ID cards and loyalty cards to instill trust with their customers and encourage them to come back.

  • Retail ID Cards & Badges

    ID badges play a prominent role in retail, since retail employees display photo ID cards to inform customers who they are & their position.

  • School Photographer ID Cards

    School photographers offer services that extend beyond snapping students’ annual yearbook photos, including issuing ID badges to students.

  • Security Agency ID Cards

    Security badges play a critical role in identifying security workers, and controlling access to restricted areas where only authorized personnel are allowed.

  • Senior Care ID Cards

    Professionals working in the field of senior care must have proper ID to ensure patients know who they are and feel comfortable in their care.

  • Ski Resort ID Cards & Badges

    Many ski resorts now issue durable photo ID cards as season ski passes for regular skiers and boarders, along with photo IDs for employees.

  • Sports Team ID Cards

    Sports teams and athletic clubs utilize ID card programs to arm coaches and players with ID cards and provide game schedule cards for the season.

  • Tourist Attraction Cards

    Public attractions such as zoos and museums require ID badges for staff and visitors around-the-clock to make certain their identification is in full view.

  • Transportation & Logistics ID Cards

    ID cards can be used for multiple purposes in the transportation & logistics industry, including staff ID, access control, time & attendance, and more.

  • Veterinary ID Cards

    Veterinarians not only provide staff with ID badges, but use pet ID cards to give to customers, listing basic information concerning their pets.