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Cashless Payment Cards

Cashless Payment Cards

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What are Payment Cards?

Payment cards offer convenience to the cardholder by eliminating the need to carry large amounts of cash or a checkbook. Payment cards are often used by businesses, hospitals, and schools with cafeterias, vending machines, and snack bars. They’re incredibly convenient to the user because they’re able to load money onto it as needed instead of constantly having to carry around a credit card or cash.

In order to produce payment cards a select, high-security ID card printer is required. Depending on the card program, the ID card printer must be equipped to handle magnetic stripe encoding, smart card encoding, or a combination of technologies. High-definition ID card printers are best suited for printing the latest wave of financial cards, because of their ability to print consistently on cards with embedded electronics. If you’re prepared to introduce a cashless payment card program, you’ll want to make certain that your organization has the budget to obtain these supplies, all of which are essential to payment card systems.

Are Payment Cards Right fit for my Organization?

Cashless payment cards can be harnessed by a wide variety of companies and organizations, especially those looking to enhance security and streamline payment options for their employees. There are so many ways to take advantage of a payment card ID card program; in the case of contactless smart payment cards, the cardholder can perform a transaction by simply tapping the card against a special card reader. You’ll see these readers popping up in more and more retail locations, businesses, and schools as the smart payment cards steadily rise in popularity.

Cashless payments cards require specialty software and usually require integration with existing POS systems. Once a cashless payments system is in place, compatible cards can usually be printed and encoded using a standard ID card printer.

Ready to Learn More About Payment Cards?

AlphaCard systems can be used to print and encode cards to work with almost any existing cashless payment program. However, we do not offer specialty software for managing card balances.

If your organization already has a cashless payment card program in place, get in touch with us about solutions for printing and encoding cards for your existing system. AlphaCard has proven experience building out card printing systems for businesses and organizations across all industries. Call us today for a free, no-hassle consultation.