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Access Control Badges

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What are Access Control Cards?

When people talk about multi-functional ID cards, one of the main applications you often hear about is access control. Advancements in ID card technology have enabled card-based access control systems to become increasingly effective for a wide range of end users, securing office buildings, government facilities, and even college dormitories.

Access control systems allow for keyless entry to high-sensitivity areas, which means a special ID card is required to gain entry. Access control cards work in conjunction with card readers that are situated by entrances to buildings or high-security areas within a facility. The card is swiped or waved in front of the reader, which processes and verifies the information on the card before allowing access. This process is more secure than keyed entry because if an access control card is ever lost, or makes its way into the wrong hands, it can simply be deactivated. It’s also virtually impossible to duplicate the cards, unlike standard keys.

Are Access Control Cards the Right fit for my Organization?

There are several types of card technologies utilized for access control that can be tailored to just about any business or organization with controlled entry needs. Magnetic stripe cards store encoded information on a magnetic stripe which the reader decodes when swiped. Higher levels of security are provided by proximity cards, and contactless smart cards using RFID technology. These convenient and sophisticated cards are able to securely store encrypted information, and must simply be waived or tapped in front of a reader.

Another common practice, especially for large corporations, is to include an embedded smart chip in the ID card. Smart cards such as these can be used not only to control access to buildings, but also to company computers and networks.

Ready to Learn More About Access Control?

AlphaCard systems can be used to print and encode cards to work with almost any existing access control program. We also offer compatible pre-encoded cards that are generally much less expensive than cards ordered through security integrators or installers. AlphaCard does not offer hardware or software for new access control installations.

If your organization already has an access control system in place, get in touch with us about solutions for printing and encoding cards for your existing system. AlphaCard has proven experience building out card printing systems for businesses and organizations across all industries. Call us today for a free, no-hassle consultation.