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How to Use ID Cards

How to Use ID Cards

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Purpose of your ID Card Program

The first step in creating a successful ID card program is to figure out how your badge system will be employed. There’s likely a primary purpose for your ID card system — what is it? By answering this question ahead of time, it will help you narrow down what type of equipment you’ll need, specifically the ID card printer, security elements, software, and system supplies. Consider addressing these questions beforehand:

List of Questions to Consider when Choosing the Right ID Card Program

  1. What tasks or goals do you want your ID card program to acheive?
  2. Will your card badges be used for additional purposes other than the standard visual ID?
  3. Do you need to issue varying classes of ID cards to signify a person’s position such as employee, member, visitor, or contractor?
  4. Do you want to maintain a database or record of the cards that you issue?
  5. Will you need to import or export data from your database?
  6. How many cards do you think you will need to print each year?
  7. How will the cards be displayed?

Magicard Enduro ID Card System with AlphaCard ID Suite Light

Simple identification programs may only require basic ID card printers, but other types of cards need much more. Multipurpose cards that are used frequently throughout the day, such as by swiping through a reader, will benefit from an ID card system featuring a laminating printer to protect cards from daily wear and tear. Other examples of multipurpose cards include access control, time & attendance, cashless payment, visitor management, loyalty programs, and volunteer badges, among others.

For cards to be integrated seamlessly into the workplace, they need to be designed and printed in a way that optimizes their functionality. Knowing the purpose of the cards ensures all future system choices will be made with this usefulness in mind.

Take Advantage of Our Resources

Our learning center entails a wealth of information on the number of ways to use your ID cards. Why be limited to just one use of your company or organization’s ID cards when there are literally so many ways they can help streamline business operations and increase efficiency?

Let us Help

Our friendly ID card experts can help alleviate some of the pressure of making these decisions. The good news is that you can add new ID card uses as time goes by thanks to their versatility and life-span. For instance, if you plan to implement a photo ID program for your employees, you might consider adding access control later down the road. Let us know how we can be of assistance—we want your organization to get the most out of its new ID card system.