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Ways to Use ID Cards

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Ways to Use ID Cards

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How many ID cards will you make per year?


Did you know there are several ways to use your ID card system? Why be limited to just one use, when you can turn ID card-making into multiple, cost-effective badge programs. Learn all about ID card applications below or you can download a free guide.

  • Photo Identification Cards

    Ensure your members or employees are visually identifiable with photo ID cards, one of the most common uses for ID badges.

  • Pet ID Cards

    Easily sell professional-quality pet identification badges at your veterinary clinic or office. Pet IDs also help generate repeat business.

  • Passes & Tickets

    Now, you can design & print passes and tickets to limit fraudulent duplication for unpaid entrances at events.

  • Cashless Payment Cards

    Payment cards come in a wide variety of forms & are used for numerous industries and applications.

  • Time and Attendance Cards

    Consider investing in a time & attendance program for your employees or contractors to effectively streamline employee and visitor tracking efforts.

  • Loyalty Programs

    Along with bringing more customers and increasing sales, loyalty cards at retail stores can be a valuable method of market research.

  • Contractor Cards

    Ensure your contractors are equipped with visually verifiable ID photo badges to prevent unauthorized access or tampering.

  • Promotional Cards

    Now ID badges can be personalized or color coded to denote special sales or promotions for repeat customers.

  • Security Cards

    Protect security badges from tampering with security-enhancing features like watermarks, lamination, & signatures and photo IDs.

  • Key Tag Cards

    Spruce up your membership or loyalty ID card program with convenient, wallet-sized key tags.

  • Access Control Badges

    Card-based access control systems are a popular replacement for traditional keyed access systems & provide a greater measure of security.

  • Business Cards

    Business cards made from PVC plastic last longer & are more professional in appearance than cards produced from traditional paper.

  • Holiday Greeting Cards

    Print impressive holiday greeting tags and give out to your customers, donors, or partners.

  • Volunteer Badges

    Keep track of all volunteers who enter your office or school building with high quality visitor ID photo badges.

  • Tailored Membership Cards

    Print and design long-lasting member ID badges for memberships of all kinds, including gym and book memberships.

  • Event Badges

    Event ID badges are a great way to track event attendance and create a friendlier meet-and-greet environment among attendees.

  • Visitor Management ID Cards

    Track and easily identify visitors within your school or office setting to prevent unauthorized individuals from trespassing.

  • Multifunctional and Smart Cards

    Learn how multipurpose cards and smart cards can make your business or organization more efficient.