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Understanding iCLASS Seos Cards

Understanding iCLASS Seos Cards

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iCLASS Seos cards, the newest of HID’s second generation of smart cards, are powerful cards that give you the most security and flexibility. With options to add iCLASS and prox technogy, iCLASS Seos cards can be used with almost any system.

How is Security Better with iCLASS Seos Cards?

First generation iCLASS cards used proprietary security protocols and mutual authentication systems that had several flaws – over time they were published online and allowed for hacking, and each organization had a unique security key that was hard to update.

One of the biggest improvements in smart card technology was the move to open security standards that can quickly and easily be adapted and updated. This allows them to react to security breaches faster and incorporate updates as they are developed.

iCLASS Seos cards even support One-Time Password authentication (OTP) and allow you to embed multiple Secure Identity Objects (SIO) onto a single card.

What Forms Do iCLASS Seos Cards Come In?

Unlike prox cards and other smart cards, iCLASS Seos cards only come in standard CR80 30mil size cards. However, Seos is a software-based system that is not dependent on the physical cards so you can use the same technology with other items including your NFC-enabled smart phone or watch!

Using smart phones can even add another layer of security to your system, as it can use the phone’s built-in GPS to verify that your phone is physically at the location before allowing entrance or access to your system.

What are the Benefits of iCLASS Seos Cards?

The options for using your iCLASS Seos cards are huge thanks to the flexibility of the cards, the large amount of data storage, and the security protocol. This gives your organization the most amount of use for your investment into cards and readers.

Common options include:

  • Physical access control
  • Cashless payment systems
  • Employee identification
  • Access to secure items including printers or supplies
  • Access to your network & other IT resources