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HID iClass Readers

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HID iClass Readers


The HID iCLASS next generation of smart card readers offers a flexible platform allowing users to customize their readers to integrate with their proprietary systems. iCLASS can meet almost any customer need, whether you're upgrading your proximity readers, or looking to conduct high-speed multidirectional data transfers.

Most smart card readers are limited to reading a single card type, which can be a problem when you consider the variety of cards on the market, along with the fact that security standards and requirements are ever-changing. With HID iCLASS, this isn't a concern. HID iCLASS readers offer the interoperability strength to work with a range of cards and formats, including iCLASS, GSC, DESFire, SmartMX, and more. HID iCLASS readers are capable of reading cards with new dynamic technology, as well as the memory and controller-based cards which are already popular. As card technologies evolve, iCLASS readers are equipped to handle future growth because of their ability to read secure data.

HID iCLASS smart card readers offer a superior mechanical design with an inner housing that improves the connection between the bezel and mounting plate. Each reader features a tamper switch that provides immediate notification through the open collector output, and a distinctive tone is also provided in the audible design.

HID's combination technology reader, multiCLASS, combines iCLASS and Proximity technologies in a single, seamless design. This allows users of Prox card installations to utilize a migration solution when upgrading to iCLASS.

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