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Hologram Overlays & Stickers

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Hologram Overlays & Stickers

Hologram full card overlays and stickers are a quick and easy way to add visual security to your existing cards, or for use with printers that cannot print holographic images.

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  1. Secure Hologram Sticker .75" SQ Small Image
    Secure Hologram Sticker .75" SQ - Roll of 100
    Item#: NOXSS14-04
    Price $30.00 MSRP $35.00
    You Save: $5.00
  2. Oval Hologram Sticker .75" x .375" Small Image
    Oval Hologram Sticker .75" x .375" - Roll of 1000
    Item#: NOXOA20-21
    Price $178.99 MSRP $179.00
    You Save: $0.01

    Oval hologram sticker, pattern repeats the words ORIGINAL and AUTHENTIC.

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3 Items

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