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School ID cards are more powerful than ever - in addition to being a photo ID for students and staff, these cards can now be used as library cards, lunch cards, manage printer credits, check out equipment, unlock doors, and more!

How to Print School ID Cards & Badges?

With so many exciting developments in the ID card industry, student ID cards have become much clearer and more advanced. Additionally, it's become increasingly affordable for schools on the tightest budgets to start printing student ID cards that can function as library cards, meal credit cards, and much more. Some educators have begun using their student ID badges to create merit-based rewards systems based on points, which award or retract certain privileges based on attendance, timeliness and grades. A student ID card maker can easily create IDs that include these functions.


Why Choose a Student ID Card Maker for Universities?

For university students, ID cards make great all-purpose campus cash cards. Many universities already implement magnetic stripe cards and smart cards for rec center, art studio, and other access systems so that students enrolled in certain classes can access art studios, computer labs and more with a single swipe. This way, it is possible to track who is in a certain facility at any given time in case of theft, or simply to track use of a certain resource. Student ID cards can also function as library cards and equipment rental cards.


What to Consider When Choosing a School ID Maker System?

When deciding on a student ID maker for your students, it is important to consider certain criteria.

How many students are currently enrolled in your school?
If you expect to print hundreds or thousands of new cards every year, you'll need a card printer that has an automatic card feeder, called a hopper. This allows you to quickly and efficiently print large batches of cards without having to manually feed each card or stop to constantly reload cards.



What will students use their ID for?
If you plan on using your cards as library cards and meal cards for K-12 or college students, a barcode may suffice. However, magnetic stripe or smart cards will give you the freedom to create rewards systems to reward good behavior, add information from class schedules; as well as provide information about allergies and parental custody information.



What software is used for school IDs?
In addition to upgrading your printer and ID cards, does your card software do everything that you want? If it's old, hard to update, and doesn't have the newest features, you can save yourself time by updating your software too! Try something like AlphaCard School ID, available in multiple editions to work with school districts of all sizes.



Will your student ID program grow?
Acquiring a student ID card maker is usually a long-term investment. Having an understanding of your student body and whether or not the number of students and other card holding personnel is expected to grow would require a card printer with more powerful features and faster card-printing times.


Student ID Templates

School ID cards can be easily designed. Find several student ID templates you can download and use to customize and print designs on your school ID Cards. Easily add text fields, images, and change colors.

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