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Plastic ID Card Holders

Plastic ID card holders allow for easy display and protect your card from scratches and damage. Find ID card holders compatible with lanyards, reels and clips.



While it might seem like a small piece of your card program, ID badge holders are something to consider. Before deciding upon an ID card holder, you’ll want to determine how the ID cards will be displayed, and you’ll have to consider the physical attributes of the cards. Will they be attached to lanyards or reels, clipped to clothing, or perhaps attached to a wrist or arm band? What is the make-up of the cards? Are they simple photo IDs? Do they feature smart chip or RFID components? These are all factors that can help you decide what type of id card holders to purchase.

AlphaCard has a wide selection of badge holders sure to meet your desired needs. Examples include:


Cost-effective, lightweight, and disposable, clear flexible ID card holders are an extremely popular choice for displaying photo ID badges.


Used commonly to protect and display cards featuring smart chips or magnetic stripes, ID card dispensers cover the entire surface of a card and feature extractor slides which mechanically release the card when necessary, thus preventing excessive physical contact with the card.


Rigid holders effectively protect the edges of ID cards while allowing convenient functionality. In most cases, smart chips and magnetic stripes are still exposed so the cards can be used without having to be physically removed from the holder.


Both flexible and rigid card holders are available in a variety of colors for fashion and color-coding purposes.

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  1. 1350-2133 Badge Buddy Cards
    Healthcare Badge Buddy Vertical ID - 25 Pack
    Item#: 1350-213Y
    Price $42.99 MSRP $45.00
    You Save: $2.01

    Vertical Healthcare Badge Buddy

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  2. Plastic Badge Holder - Portrait
    Plastic Badge Holder - Portrait
    Item#: JAM-506-NJ-500
    Price $190.99 MSRP $208.00
    You Save: $17.01
  3. Healthcare Badge Buddy Horizontal ID - 25 Pack
    Healthcare Badge Buddy Horizontal ID - 25 Pack
    Item#: 1350-213X
    Price $42.99 MSRP $45.00
    You Save: $2.01
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