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Picture ID Card

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Picture ID Card

Your photo ID card doesn't have to just be a basic name tag with a grainy photo. Using new technology and modern photo ID center systems, you can easily design multifunctional pictures IDs.

Photo ID Cards

There are a myriad of applications in which picture ID cards can provide security and convenience. And the functionality of these cards is evolving thanks to exciting technological advances. When you think of a photo ID, you might simply imagine a badge that acts as nothing more than a name tag with a picture on it. While such a basic badge might serve effectively for certain applications, it in no way demonstrates the true capabilities of today's photo ID cards.

Use for Picture ID Cards

Consider that many companies and organizations now choose to utilize multifunctional ID cards that not only act as forms of personal identification, but can also take on other operations such as:

  • Integration with access control systems
  • Time and attendance tracking
  • Cashless payments for purchases and meal plan integration
  • Schools incorporate photo ID cards into student meal plans
  • Office buildings are often set up to accept employee IDs that utilize proximity card technology as a way to ensure secure access control
  • Some companies issue ID cards with smart chip technology that can control access to company computers and networks

Today's ID card systems are more secure and versatile than ever, allowing users a great deal of freedom in deciding how they'd like their organization's picture ID cards to function. Want to see more ways you can use photo ID cards? Check out the AlphaCard Learning Center's section on Ways to use ID Cards.

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