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Company ID Badges

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Company ID Badges


It wasn’t long ago that a typical employee ID badge would contain nothing more than a worker’s name and photo. Such basic photo ID badges certainly have their place, but today’s ID card systems are capable of producing company badges that are far more functional and secure. If your company is looking to implement a new ID badge solution, consider the following options when determining what type of ID badges you wish to issue:

  • Magnetic Stripe Encoding – Information encoded into an ID card’s magnetic stripe can be used for such applications as access control, time and attendance, and meal plans.
  • Holographic Overlays – Counterfeiting and alteration of company ID badges can be prevented with the application of a holographic overlaminate. Not only does this provide enhanced security, but also forms a layer of protection against wear and tear.
  • Proximity Card Technology – Many companies now use proximity cards to control access to office buildings and restricted areas. A proximity cards features an embedded antenna that transmits a radio signal which is readable by card scanners. Proximity cards provide convenience, while effectively preventing unauthorized individuals from gaining access to buildings and secure areas.
  • Smart Card Technology – Smart chip encoding allows companies to store significant amounts of information on employee ID badges while adding great flexibility. Smart cards are used for a wide variety of applications such as access control for computers and company networks, and time and attendance tracking.
  • Biometrics – Some companies now include biometrics such as fingerprint scans with their ID badges. This further prevents the chances of counterfeiting and tampering, while helping to document identity and provide enhanced security and protection.

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