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Custom Membership Card Maker

Design and print your own custom membership cards right in the store! Used by retail stores, grocery stores, gyms, and more, membership card printers are easy to use and help you retain customers.

Membership Card Makers & Printers

Whether you represent a gym, a movie rental service, a country club or a retail store, having the freedom to make your own ID cards in-house means that you can offer your members instant access to everything your business has to offer. Instead of issuing temporary ID cards that can be easily forged or dealing with membership cards getting lost in the mail, a card printer is an investment that will save you time and money in the long term.

For small retail businesses, a manual-feed membership card maker like the AlphaCard PRO 100 will suffice, while larger organizations, like fitness centers or grocery chains may benefit from an automatic-feed ID card maker like the Evolis Zenius or the Fargo DTC4250e.

How a Membership Card Maker Can Save Time and Money?

ID card software like AlphaCard ID Suite can be used to design your cards, enter in new cardholder data, and print their new membership card. At a facility that contains expensive equipment and supplies-- like gyms, photography labs or art studios-- visitor management software like AlphaCard Visitor Pass may also be beneficial for security reasons, since you'll always know who is present at any given time.

How else can you use custom membership cards? Video rental store employees may track the movies a customer has rented, how often they rent and what genres dominate an individual's movie-watching repertoire. Membership cards can even function as financial credit cards. A tanning salon may sell packages that offer a discount when a a member pays for a certain number of visits at once.Whatever products or services you provide, a membership card maker can help you create a convenient, financially lucrative program that will keep members coming back, time after time.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Membership Card Maker

Do you work in a business that is completely based on member subscriptions, or are you creating an entirely new customer or member loyalty program?
If you need to print--or re-print-- large numbers of membership cards at once, you should purchase a membership card maker with an automatic card feeder. If, however, you plan to create an entirely new membership program in which you'll likely be handing out one or two cards at a time, a hand-fed system will suffice.

Do you expect significant growth in membership numbers within the next five to ten years?
If you anticipate significant growth, get a membership card maker that can grow along with your business; many card printers are modular and allow you to add dual-sided printing, encoding units, lamination, and Ethernet networking later on.

How important are facility security concerns? Or, do you have expensive equipment to protect?
If you worry about security, you might want to make photo ID cards that contain anti-forgery measures.

How often do you sign up new members?
If you sign up new members one or two at a time, a hand-feeder will suffice. But if you need to print large numbers of cards at once, you'll need an automatic card feeder and a faster print speed.

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    Fargo 70001 DTC1500XE Single-Sided ID Card Printer
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    AlphaCard PRO 550 ID Card Printer
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