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Employee ID Badge System

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Employee ID Badge System


In today’s high security world, many organizations are now choosing to issue ID badges to their employees. Not only do these ID badges increase the level of security within a company or business, but they can also add convenience. Technological advancements in the ID card industry now allow for multifunctional ID badges that can be used for a variety of tasks. In the past, an employee ID badge might have contained nothing more than a photo and a name, but many companies today issue IDs that can be used for everything from identity verification to building and network access control, time and attendance, and much more.


ID Card Printer - There are a variety of ID card printers available today, each with different capabilities. Determining the proper printer for your organization depends on several factors such as how many cards you plan on printing per year, and how you plan on using the cards. Consider what security features and encoding options you require. Available options include barcodes, magnetic stripe encoding, proximity card technology, smart card encoding, holographic overlaminates, and biometrics.

ID Card Software – A key component to printing sophisticated professional ID badges is the software. ID card software allows users to design custom badges in an intuitive format. This process can involve pulling information from existing databases and programs or entering it on the spot. Users can build cards incorporating the latest badge technologies, depending on their needs and the capabilities of their ID card printers.

Digital Camera – Complete ID card systems come with a digital camera that is preprogrammed to take images that match the requirements for a typical ID badge. These cameras communicate with the system through a USB interface.

Computer – ID card systems are designed to work with your existing PC. An ID card printer connects to your network or computer the same way a desktop printer or other network device would. Its capabilities, however, are much different. To learn more about ID Card Printer connections, head over to our learning center to read the article!

Badge Supplies – Supplies for an ID card system include everything from replacement ribbon, blank cards and cleaning kits to lanyards, badge holders and slot punches. Determine how many cards you plan on issuing and how your employees will display their badges in order to settle on what supplies and accessories you need.

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