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HDP Cards

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HDP Cards


HDP ID cards are intended for use in Fargo HDP ID card printers such as the Fargo HDP600 and the Fargo HDP820. These blank ID cards have a distinctive appearance; because they lack the PVC laminate that UltraCard ID cards feature, their surfaces appear matte instead of glossy.

They are also distinctive for their price, which is low and ideally suited for operations where cost is of especial importance. They are made entirely from PVC and are characterized as having “moderate” durability.

The appearance of HDP ID cards is a function of the technology used to print them. An HDP - High Definition Printing - ID card maker prints images onto the underside of a clear piece of film and then uses heat and pressure to fuse this film onto the identification badge.

It is important to note that while UltraCard and UltraCard III blank ID cards can be used by Fargo HDP ID card printers – and produce beautiful prints when they are so used - the reverse is not true; HDP cardstock is not suitable for Fargo DTC ID card printers.

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