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Library Card Makers

Printing your own library cards on-demand with a library card maker allows your library to quickly and easily sign up new patrons, issue replacement cards, and update card information.

Library Card Makers & Systems

If you've been using an external card issuance system in your library, you know what a hassle it can be to issue temporary cards, then hope that permanent cards don't get lost in the mail. Issuing standard design library cards might be a solution, but a personalized library card ensures that only the library card holder can use the card; it also eliminates the need to show an additional piece of identification when checking out books. ID card makers are perfect for busy organizations like libraries, which often need to create several new library cards each day.

Selecting a Library Card Maker

The type of library card maker you choose will depend on the size and nature of your library. Some things to consider:

  • Student library cards may just need library card functions incorporated into a student ID card
  • Public libraries, or any university library that distributes cards to the general public, will likely prefer a library card maker to print cards specifically for library patrons that can print out new, personalized library cards in seconds
  • In both cases, you will probably want to encode either a barcode (controlled through your software) or magnetic stripe (you'll need a magnetic stripe printer, magnetic stripe cards, and software) with the library cardholder's data

Once you know how you will use your library cards, you can look for a card printer that matches those needs - single-sided or dual-sided? Laminated to last longer (especially important if they are also student ID cards)? One-off printing to product cards one at a time on demand, or batch print new cards from a central hub like a district office?

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  1. 70001 image 3
    Fargo 70001 DTC1500XE Single-Sided ID Card Printer
    Price $2,099.99 MSRP $2,788.24
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    IDP Solid-810SE ID Card Printer - Single-Sided
    MSRP $4,490.00
  3. AlphaCard PRO 550 ID Card Printer
    AlphaCard PRO 550 ID Card Printer
    MSRP $2,498.00 Price $1,629.99

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