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Fargo INK1000 Supplies

Find all the printer inkjet cartridges and other supplies you need for your Fargo INK1000 inkjet card printer.

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  1. Fargo INK1000xe YMC Ink Cartridge Small Image Best Seller
    Fargo INK1000XE YMC Ink Cartridge
    Item#: 62100-002
    Price $204.99 MSRP $244.80
    You Save: $39.81
    • 300-1000 Prints
    • Inkjet Cartridge
    • Full range of color options
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  2. Fargo 62100 INK1000 Inkjet Cartridge
    Fargo INK1000 YMC Ink Cartridge
    Item#: 62100
    You Save: -$20.19
  3. Fargo? INK1000 Contactless Encoder
    HID OMNIKEY 5127CK-Mini Contacless Encoder for INK1000
    Item#: 62050
    Price $534.99 MSRP $535.00
    You Save: $0.01
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3 Items

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