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College Library Cards

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College Library Cards


Instead of requiring students to keep track of several different cards, creating a multifunctional student ID card will help keep operating costs down and make navigating around campus more efficient for students.  School ID cards can be used as access keys for buildings and rooms on campus from computer labs, to dorms, to the library.  Students can use the facilities after hours without leaving valuable equipment and supplies vulnerable. 

ID cards can perform a range of useful functions in a college library setting from checking out books to printing and making copies in the library computer lab.  As an incentive to return books promptly, librarians and school administrators can create a rewards system using student ID cards.  Students who return their materials promptly could be eligible for meal or drink credits on campus, free printing, or discounts in the campus gear shop.  When integrated with a cashless payment system students, can even grab a late night coffee in the library café.

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