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Library Access Control Card

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Library Access Control Card


For college, university and professional school libraries, sometimes daily opening hours just aren't enough. For students that need to burn the midnight oil, library access control cards, integrated into normal library or student ID cards, can help keep libraries safe while still allowing students and patrons to learn and work.


Library access control cards can be created or modified in access control or visitor management software. Permissions for entering during certain hours and days, depending on ID card policy and user privileges.

With access control software like Alpha Track, it's possible to create cards with varying levels of access privileges that can help control library access depending on user, class, field, time, date and more. students and researchers can use their customized access control cards to access the library at any time - whether it's finals week or they're just a night owl. Access control technology integrated into college library cards keeps everyone happy and knee-deep in their studies while keeping the library and its vast collections safe.

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